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Brand X Cleaners is located in the small town of Kennebunk, Maine and incorporated as a family business in 1993.  We formulate and manufacture for just about all of the major automotive chemical suppliers in New England. Not only do we distribute through these companies, but also design and print private labeling for them as well.

We have an in house artist to design your labels for products, regardless of the quantity. This is done free of charge for our customers. We supply easy to read material safety data sheets for every private labeled product that we manufacture.

Our products are some of the finest products manufactured in the country today. Made with quality ingredients from national raw material suppliers. We also are very aware of our environment so we package into recyclable containers.

Our pricing is very competitive and there is no charge for formulating. We maintain a high quality control so that our products are always consistent. Even though we have been in business since 1993 we have over forty years experience in formulating and manufacturing. Our reputation is impeccable and we stand behind our products 100 percent.

We are devoted to formulating and manufacturing environmentally friendly, non-toxic products that will make your experience with them enjoyable rather than annoying. We manufacture over 270 different and unique products for a variety of customers. Many times we can reformulate a safer product when somebody has been using that will work as well or better.

Anyone can talk about how good their products are; let the product do the talking and you be the judge. We are absolutely confident you will love what you try.

Product Development:

Every product was put through extensive real word testing for at least 25-years to make sure quality was first.  We found so many products on the market today that just do not do what they say it will do.  You will NOT find this with our products, period.  We want to wow, it's just that simple.  And, we will, just try it, we promise to not disappoint you.

Never have I seen anything work so fast to remove the spattered on bugs off my car. It really saves me a lot of time and my car has never looked better. It starts eating the bugs before your eyes.

– Debbie M.