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32oz Body Shop Safe Klean & Shine Interior, Exterior, Tire Shine

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Klean N Shine is perfect for your Interior and Exterior!  This safe but powerful cleaner is perfect for rubber, vinyl, metal, plastic, and more! Safe to use on all surfaces, such as dashboards, center consoles, armrests, and more. Dries quickly and leaves a brilliant protective shine.


To use, just spray Klean N Shine onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe dry with a clean, soft  cloth. When sprayed onto clean tires and left to dry, it leaves a long lasting, non-streaking shine that won’t sling off.



Safe for use on wrapped vehicles, metal, chrome, tires, rubber, trim, plastic fender flares, bed lining, and more.  Just simply spray and wipe off grim, dirt, and light marks.



Great for motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and 18 wheelers.


Contains: Water, Surfactants, and Alkali builders.


VOC Complaint, Silicone Free

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