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32oz TEK Klean Streak Free Glass Cleaner

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  • Tint Safe
  • Quickly Removes Fingerprints
  • HDTV, Smart Phone, Tablet Safe


Streak FREE Glass Cleaner effortlessly removes the difficult film caused by dust, smoke, grime, and fingerprints that form on your automotive and household glass and plastic.

Formulated for the toughest jobs in mind, this non-ammoniated glass cleaner leaves a film free transparent finish on glass. This is not just another glass cleaner.



Step 1: Spray Streak FREE Glass Cleaner directly and thoroughly onto the surface. In cases of heavily soiled surfaces apply a second application and wipe thoroughly.

Step 2: Buff dry with a newspaper or clean dry cloth (preferably a microFiber Towel) to achieve streak free results. Do not allow to dry on the glass. Windshields should be at least 40-degrees F before cleaning.


Great For: HDTV’s and Monitors, Mirrors, Crystal, Crystal Chandeliers, Display Case Glass, Refrigerator Glass, Windows, Eye Glasses, Windows, NAV Screens, and much more.


TEK Klean streak free glass cleaner contains a non ammonia-based formula that easily removes smudges fingerprints and assorted grunge from mirrors and glass leaving a streak-free shine.

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