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Body Shop Safe 1 Gallon Bug Destroyer + Wheel Cleaner

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This all-in-one formulation is designed to quickly and easily remove unsightly bugs, tar, and wheel grim from your vehicle, without damaging the finish. With just one spray watch bug residue start to dissolve almost instantly. BUG Destroyer +Wheel makes chrome look new and shiny. BUG Destroyer +Wheel is safe for use on the paint, glass, and plastic of any type of vehicle.

DIRECTIONS: Spray onto any surface, allow to set for 60-seconds and wipe off with a clean, soft cloth. Do not use in direct sunlight and do not allow product to dry. If product does dry on the surface, lightly buff with a soft cloth to restore full shine. For use on chrome plated parts, spray on and wipe off to restore to factory new shine. BUG Destroyer + Wheel can be sprayed directly onto the surface before washing, making bug residue much easier to remove.

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