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Wrap Attack 2oz

Wrap Attack (3 in 1)
· Clean, Shine, Beautify your wrapped vehicle
· Protects with slick UV Protection
· Use on Tires, and Interior too

Wrap Attack is the ultimate cleaner for gloss or matte finish providing a conditioner and beautifier for your wrapped vehicle. Just simply spray on your wrap, and with a clean microfiber towel, wipe off grime, dirt, and light marks. Take into the interior of your vehicle clean and shine your leather seats, dashboard, center console, etc. Then, spray on your tires, fender flares, or any ABS plastic parts. Will leave with slick coating helping to repeal dirt, grime, and water.


Simple to use, just spray Wrap Attack onto the surface (i.e. wrap, leather seats, vinyl, dashboards, door panels) to be cleaned and wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel. When sprayed onto clean tires and left to dry it leaves a long lasting non-streaking shine that will not sling off. Will also clean your wheels and leave with a slick coating.

Contains: Water, Silicone, Surfactants, and Alkali builders.